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Social Trader Tools is an excellent web-based platform for traders who want to use a trade copier and manage all their accounts in one place. Even though it is more expensive than alternatives such as MT4 Copier, because it’s cloud-based, you’ll save time and be up and running in about 5 minutes. Social trader tools for fund managers and copy traders looking to take on more trading accounts. Anyone who trades can copy the trading strategy of other social trader tools thanks to social trading.

When you copy a trader on eToro – which requires a minimum investment of $200 – every action they make will be reflected in your account. A trader who risks 15% of their portfolio on IBM stocks and you invested $1,000 in the trader will add $150 worth of IBM stocks to your portfolio! In terms of fees, things get even better – as eToro is a 100% commission-free platform. In some cases, you can not only follow traders and connect with other investors, but you can also execute trades on these platforms, copying what others do and hopefully make some profit.

You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. Cryptoasset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. Consumers are protected by Social Trader Tools regulation, critical to preventing inadequate services and potential financial harm. Regulated Social Trader Tools lowers your risk of loss of deposited trading funds.

socialtrader tools

This means that you don’t need to download multiple MT4 copies, install anything local and can monitor the accounts from anywhere with internet connection. The Social Trading software provides an easy-to-use way to extend MetaTrader 4, 5, or 8 trading strategies. You must always keep an eye on the market and only trade if you know what is happening. Your responsibility is to understand what a trader is doing when they make a decision, even if you are mimicking them.

You will never compete with other signal suppliers because no dashboard compares all providers; instead, you will have a landing page that displays your numbers. It is fantastic news for other traders wishing to invest more money. Opt for Social Trader Tools that set themselves apart as an industry leader by actively embracing innovation. Take IC Markets as an example, which is renowned for Segregates clients funds and boasts an extensive array of 2250 tradable instruments. The Forex Alliance Network is built on the Metatrader platform and provides the users with a wide range of tools and features. This feature set includes automated trading options, high-quality technical indicators, custom trading indicators, global currencies, human expert advisors and backtesting facilities.

  • EToro’s market platforms include a social component each.
  • Brokers sometimes update the symbols that can be traded on your account, when this happens it leaves the account symbol list outdated on our end.
  • 67% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.
  • Our trade copier is the fastest on the market and has a maximum replication time of 50 ms. Once connected to the system, you can set up trade copiers.

Lastly, it’s important to tell you that if you want to get what you like with big savings, you can act early. For now, you can go to and put something you like in your cart. MT4 Copier, created by Rimantas Petrauskas social trade work is the worlds leading forex trade copier, allowing multiple master accounts to copy trades to unlimited copier accounts instantly. You can register your account to be a signals provider, which gives you your very own URL/landing page.

socialtrader tools

With trade copiers at your disposal, you can spread risk across multiple accounts, potentially resulting in much better diversification and results. For example, most forex traders will use a 1% risk per trade, possibly increasing to 2%. You could keep your primary account at 1% risk and have copier accounts at 5-10% risk with much lower capital. Social Trader Tools is a program designed for forex traders who want to duplicate deals from one account to several others automatically. Trading volatile financial markets with Social Trader Tools can be challenging, even for experienced traders. In addition to the online educational resources available, traders should consider the platform offered by Social Trader Tools to ensure a successful trading experience.

Our team have listed brokers that match your criteria for you below. All brokerage data has been summarised into a comparison table. We found 11 online brokers that are appropriate for Trading Social Trader Tools Investment Platforms. When enabled, the auto-upgrade feature will upgrade your existing account hosting package to the tier above when your current package cannot accommodate new accounts. Your account or accounts have a high amount of active symbols which can cause the terminal to freeze or crash during high volatility. This is a well-known issue to MT4 being a 15+ year old applicat…

socialtrader tools

Look for Social Trader Tools that you can rely on to provide a stable and secure trading environment, allowing you to execute trades with Social Trader Tools confidently. While most platforms do offer trading functions, a trader may not be familiar with how to use them. A popular way of maximizing the potentials of these tools is by learning how to manage multiple MT4 accounts. Traders will need to learn how to add, remove and move funds between their different accounts using their new manager interface.

Investors will be able to see your results and add their accounts to follow your trades if they’re happy with your trading results. Looking for a hassle-free way to copy trades to multiple accounts? Look no further than Social Trader Tools, a web-based trade copier for traders using MT4 or MT5. If you follow successful traders, it will be logical to learn from others. There are better methods to make money than Losing trades by taking unrealistic risks. Several of them have lost profits from their investments.

You can get FROM $60 at Social Trader Tools to buy things at a very favorable price. It’s not difficult to get Plus plan from $60 at, just follow these tips. The Coupons is also available for you at Use Promo Codes when you buy something you want, you can enjoy a discount.

You will be automatically replicating their positions in real time and in proportion to the amount spent in the future. Portfolio management is a type of copy trading.The idea is to identify other investors who have a track record you admire. You need to adjust your risk settings in the trade copier settings for a smaller lot size…

The app has a similar interface, making it easy for traders to use on the go. It’s worth noting that Social Trader Tools also offers a free trial for 14 days, which allows traders to test out the platform and its features before committing to a paid plan. Additionally, users can switch between plans at any time, allowing them to adjust their subscriptions based on their changing needs. Social Trader Tools is a must-have platform for traders who want to make the most out of their trading experience. With its advanced trading tools and features, Social Trader Tools has become a popular choice for both novice and professional traders alike. Reliability is key to gaining access to financial markets.

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